Useful feedback led to reorg *

When I started my posts, my primary aim was to pay back to RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology), UCC (Universities’ Computer Center), DCS (Department of Computer Science), ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) and my mentors.

Ko Sann Tun Ni, who attended CPC (Computer Programming Course) and is now a Sushi boss & a Gawpaka at the Las Vegas monastery, suggested that I should expand my topics beyond Computer Science and Engineering.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, Dr. Khin Maung U, Ashin Pannagaveska (Uzin Bobby Myo Tun) and some more readers said that my posts are not merely Trivia but are also chronicles for the past several decades. Many reminisce the good and not so good days where we had decent education and opportunity to hone our latent skills.

Since I love history, Ah Nu Pyinna, story telling, public speaking, knowledge sharing, my posts covered simple but interesting themes such as Names & Naming Conventions, Humor, Events, Technology.

For the present and future volunteers, I have renamed the titles of the posts to suggest a primary theme or thread. The posts for a particular theme may be revised (with proper references and cross-references) into a series of articles.

Not all posts have the same length or importance. For example, poems and translations may have less audience than stories on pioneers and notable Burmese.

Some have sentimental value. Dr. Richard Yu Khin recommended his friends to visit my page and find out “some interesting things about our generation”.

GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten) posts are to remind us of our fraility and to push us to do something valuable to the community while we still have a reasonably good memory.

I know only a tiny fraction of the Burmese. I also know a few alumni (that are 50K+). I am happy to let some readers remember and/or reconnect long lost friends.

Last but not the least, I’d like to thank my core readers (e.g. Eddie Shein, Winston de Penha) and the major reviewers who corrected my typos and inconsistencies.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

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