U Sein Shan (GBNF) *

U Sein Shan
  • During our RIT days, Saya U Sein Shan was Lecturer and Head of the RIT Mathematics Department.
  • Saya passed away in October 2006.
  • Son : U Thant Zin (M82), volunteer of several RIT-related organizations and activities.
  • Dr. Yan Naing Lwin wrote :
    Ko Sein Shan was at University of Illinois,U-C in 1959-60.
    His room mate was Ko Hla Tun (Peter, now in San Jose ) .
    Ko SS received his MS in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics (TAM) & returned to Burma.
  • Yan Gyi Aung wrote : –
    Saya U Sein Shan was my most familiar Mathematics Saya since BIT period 1961-62.
    At that time engineering students were only about over 100. Female students were only two, one each at Textile and Chemical Department.
    He was the President of Point 22-Rifle Club of BIT and I was the Secretary. We usually went to South Okkalapa Shooting Range and practiced.
    While he was suffering from heart disease at his home in about 1999 in Mayangone, I frequently went to his house and encouraged him.
    Also when taking treatment at RGH hospital, at Cardiac Hall No 19/20, I went to him carrying boiled rice and some eatables as breakfast.
    Very remarkable and historic event he did was while Major Subjects (Lines, such as Civil, Chemical, etc) performed Respect paying ceremonies to the respective department Sayas, Mathematics Department had no such ceremony. Mathematics Department always had no ceremony at that time.
    So Saya U Sein Shan invited all the engineering students in the Daily Newspaper that he would celebrate a friendship dinner to serve all engineering students with Danbauk rice at the Nawarat Hotel in 2000, I think.
    Very peculiar Saya was!


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