U Khin Aung Kyi (GBNF) *

Brief Bio

  • Born of parents U San Shwe and Daw Than Tin in 1933
  • Attended the East Rangoon Methodist School in Rangoon
  • Matriculated in 1949 from East Rangoon Methodist
    Stood Seventh in the First Division
    Received the Collegiate Scholarship awarded by the Government.
  • Attended I.Sc (A) and I.Sc (B) in (1949 and 1950).
  • Continued to study in BOC College of Engineering
    Took Mechanical Engineering.
  • Upon completion of Second year Mechanical Engineering,
    he was selected as a Government sponsored Scholar in the Spring of 1954
    at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.
  • Completed the Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1956.
  • Received his Masters of Science Degree also in Chemical Engineering in 1957.
    In his Masters course he was enrolled in the coveted Chemical Engineering Practice School.
  • Went back to Burma in 1957
  • Appointed Lecturer and Head of Department in Chemical Engineering.
  • In 1959 he married Daw Mya Mya Than, daughter of U Sein Nyo and Daw Than Yin.
  • Appointed full Professorship in 1966
  • Promoted to Rectorship in 1977.
  • Very active as a consultant from the academia in the design and construction of the two fertilizer plants (Sale and Kyun Chaung); the Sittang Paper Mill and other various state owned chemical plants.
  • Retired from the Rector’s position in 1988.
  • Because of his passion for teaching he could not stay retired for long and continued working in Thailand at the Rangsit University as a Professor. He is the only foreigner accepted in the Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering.
  • Passed away in 2020

Editor’s Notes

For SPZP-2012, Saya U Khin Aung Kyi gave an interview.

  • Chemical Engineering courses were initially offered with contract sayas from India.
  • When the then newly minted Saya taught, there was “testing of nerves” by some students.
  • After Saya mentioned that an Indian saya would be brought in if the noisy atmosphere persists.
    That solved the problem.

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