U Khin Aung Kyi (GBNF) *

  • Born of parents U San Shwe and Daw Than Tin in 1933.
  • Saya attended the East Rangoon Methodist School in Rangoon.
  • He matriculated in 1949 from East Rangoon Methodist achieving a seventh position in the first division and received the Collegiate Scholarship awarded by the Government.
  • He attended I.Sc (A) and I.Sc(B) in (49-50).
  • He continued to study in BOC College of Engineering and took Mechanical Engineering.
  • Upon completion of second year Mechanical Engineering, he was selected as a Government sponsored Scholar in the Spring of 1954 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  • Saya completed the Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1956, and got his Masters of Science Degree also in Chemical Engineering in 1957. In his Masters course he was enrolled in the coveted Chemical Engineering Practice School.
  • He went back to Burma in 1957 and was appointed Lecturer and Head of Department in Chemical Engineering.
  • In 1959 he married Daw Mya Mya Than daughter of U Sein Nyo and Daw Than Yin.
  • Saya was appointed full Professorship in 1966 and was promoted to Rectorship in 1977.
  • He was also very active as a consultant from the academia in the design and construction of the two fertilizer plants (Sale and Kyun Chaung); the Sittang Paper Mill and other various state owned chemical plants.
  • He retired from the Rector’s position in 1988.
  • Because of his passion for teaching he could not stay retired for long and is now working in Thailand at the Rangsit University as a Professor. He is the only foreigner accepted in the Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Editor’s Notes (2019) :

  • His former students sponsored Saya and his spouse to attend SPZP-2000.
    He paid respect to his sayas U Num Kok and U Ba Toke.
  • For HMEE-2012 project, Saya gave an interview to U Ohn Khine (M70). He said, “Chemical Engineering courses were initially offered with contract sayas from India. When the then newly minted Saya taught, there was “testing of nerves” by some students. Saya warned them that an Indian saya would be brought in if the noisy atmosphere persists. That solved the problem.”
  • Some time back, Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70) was surprised and sad to learn that Saya did not remember her.

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