PBRS [9]

Update : November 14, 2022

  • Khin Maung San
  • Monty and Errol

Khin Maung San

  • Khin Maung San (Tommy) graduated from RASU.
  • Had a successful practice as HGP before deciding to do his family business.
  • Ran Marla Moke Taik / Confectionery.
  • His wife Lily attended Darjeeling with Nyunt Win, who named one of the movies as “Pho Htaung and Pho Maung”.
  • The nicknames of his sons are “Pho Htaung” and “Pho Maung“.
  • Loved food and succumbed to diabetes (and other complications).
  • Elder sister Pansy San ran a Guest House.

Monty and Errol

  • Myint Swe (Monty Maung Maung) and his uncle Errol Thein (who was only a few months older) attended PPBRS. In their younger days, they lived in Inya Road.
  • Worked at Pyar Gehar and part time supervising the delivery of coal (sold by his in-laws).
  • Was injured in a car accident, but that did not prevent him for walking long distance with a cane, or taking buses on long rides.
  • Would jokingly say, “Tommy (Khin Maung San) is gone. Bobby (Myint Sein) is gone. If you see my name on the second last page in Kyemon, then I’m also gone. If I see your name there, you are gone.”
  • Spouse : Ma Mya Sein
  • Has a son (who is a Master Mariner), two daughters.
  • Has two grandchildren

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