PBRS [7]

Update : November 14, 2022

  • Siblings
  • Thane Myint and siblings
  • Saw Oo and siblings
  • Kenneth San and siblings
  • Myint Kyi and siblings
  • Nyunt Tin and siblings


There are several sets of siblings who attended PPBRS.

Thane Myint and siblings

  • Thane Myint joined DSA and Air Force
  • Kyaw Thane joined DSA and Army
  • Moh Moh

Saw Oo and siblings

  • Saw Oo retired from Co-op.
  • Kyi Kyi Tin majored in Chemistry. She taught at Workers’ College.
  • She attended DAC at UCC.
  • She taught at Assumption University (formerly known as ABAC) and also organized dhamma talks and retreats for visiting Sayadaws.
  • On October 24, 2019, she visited Saya Dr. Mya Than and offered Garawa money on behalf of the PBRS Alumni.

Kyi Kyi Tin wrote :

This evening I went to pay homage to Dr. Mya Than at his residence offering him with contribution from PBRS alumni. 350000 Kyat and U$100. May i share these merits to u all.

  • Tin Tin Aye majored in Chemistry.
    She also attended Computer Courses at UCC.
Dr Mya Than
Dr. Mya Than and Kyi Kyi Tin

Kenneth San and Siblings

  • Originally from Ye Aye Kwin Taunggyi.
  • Moved to Rangoon and attended PPBRS.
  • According to a mutual friend (Ko Tin Myint [M69]), Kenneth San worked for the Department of Religious Affairs.
  • Not sure about his younger sister Margaret San.

Myint Kyi and Siblings

  • Ko Myint Kyi, Ko Myint Sein and their younger sister are all GBNF.

Nyunt Tin and Siblings

  • They are cousins of Ko Myint Kyi. The two families share a big house and compound.
  • Ko Nyunt Tin later studied at SPHS and RIT. He represented RIT in Table Tennis.
  • The siblings moved to US.
  • May Win Kyi lost her husband before the move.
  • Pa Pa who sponsored the siblings to US is GBNF.
  • Their mother Daw Kyin Shwe lived to 98 years.

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