PBRS [5]

Update : November 14, 2022

  • U Kyaw Zaw and Daw Khin Khin Aye
  • Thane Myint
  • Khin Than Nu (Glory Maung)

U Kyaw Zaw and Daw Khin Khin Aye

  • U Kyaw Zaw studied movie technology as a States Scholar to the USA.
    He had lots of friends in the movie industry.
    Is it a coincidence that several students of PPBRS are from the extended families in the movie industry?
  • U Kyaw Zaw also studied and practiced acupuncture.
  • Daw Khin Khin Aye is the younger sister of Daw Tin Tin Aye (who founded the PPBRS and served as its Principal) and Daw Yi.
    Daw Khin Khin Aye succeeded Daw Tin Tin Aye as Principal.
    She studied Education and Law.
  • Daw Yi taught Infant (A) / Higher KG during our school days.
  • Their younger brother U Thin Tu studied Engineering in the USA and was a core member of the team that built (or re-built) the Sittaung / Sittang Bridge.
  • They had three children :
    Thane Myint,
    Kyaw Thane
    and Moh Moh

Thane Myint

  • Thane Myint was fondly called “Thar Thar Gyi”.
  • He is the elder son of U Kyaw Zaw and Sayama Daw Khin Khin Aye (Teacher Ah Mar).
  • As Thane Myint grew up, Teacher Ah Mar extended PPBRS to have higher classes so that her Thar Thar Gyi would not have to go to another school.
  • The name became PBRS, because the school offered middle and finally High School.
  • To incentivize the students, she offered double and even triple promotion to the bright students.
  • Thane Myint joined DSA (Defense Services Academy). He wanted to become a Pilot, but his dream crashed when his ear had a problem.
  • He did well in the War Office as a Major. He served as the Deputy to the Burmese / Myanmar Ambassador at the United Nations.
  • In the early days, the Head of the Delegation was called “Permanent Representative”. James Barrington (ICS and RUBC Gold) was the Permanent Representative before and after U Thant.
  • When U Thant became UNSG (United Nations Secreary General), James Barrington was sent again to the UN as the Permanent Representative.
  • In the latter days, the post was renamed “UN Ambassador”.
  • U Win Mra (former Pole Vault Champion, Guitarist & Vocalist, RIT English) was Myanmar Ambassador to UN at the time of Thane Myint’s appointment as the Deputy.
  • Thane Myint had the honor to lead the Burmese Olympic Team to the Seoul Olympics in 1988.
  • Thane Myint’s hobbies include Samatha Meditation and Aggiya (Alchemy). After retirement, he practiced Vipassana Meditation.
  • For some time, there were informal gatherings at Marlar Mote Taik / Confectionery run by Tommy San (Khin Maung San) and at Thane Myint’s house.
    Myint Sein (Principal of BARB) and his assistant teachers were invited to give tips on Veda.

Khin Than Nu (Glory Maung)

  • Khin Than Nu (Glory Maung, spouse of Thane Myint) graduated in 1970 with BE EC (Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Communications).
  • She preferred to work from home.
  • Khin Maung Oo (Master Mariner) sent some of the students preparing for Maritime Studies to study with Glory.
  • Glory is the sister of Rosalind Maung (Ma Pyi Aye, A66) and Richard Maung.
  • Their father U Maung Maung who owned a Movie Studio.
  • Their mother is the daughter of U Tin Pe (Maung Maung Soe (one of the four pioneer A1 brothers).
  • The elder son of Thane Myint and Glory is a classmate at TTC (Teachers’ Training College Practicing School) of my nephew. It’s a small world.
  • Thane Myint e-mailed me a few years back that he would concentrate on Vipassana Meditation. He told him that his parents were doing OK.
  • Later, Khin Maung Oo notified me when U Kyaw Zaw and Teacher Ah Mar passed away in their 90s.
  • The photo was taken by Khin Maung Oo. It was the last time he saw them together.
  • Myint Sein and Tommy are GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten).

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