PBRS [4]

Update : November 14, 2022

  • Alumni
  • Mostly Senior
  • Mostly classmates and a few junior


  • My siblings and cousins attended PPBRS.
    Most transferred to other schools (e.g. St. Paul’s High School, St. John’s Convent)
  • Several of the following are senior to us at PPBRS.
    Some are classmates of my older siblings.
  • Some were my classmates.

Mostly Senior

  • Francis Ohn Maung (second son of Arzani U Ohn Maung) attended PPBRS.
    Not sure whether his older brother (Saya U Tin Maung Thein) and younger brothers (Saya Dr. Min Min) are PPBRS alumni.
  • Dr. Flora Aye (elder daughter of U Aye) attended PPBRS.
    After retiring from Brunei, she moved to the USA.
    Not sure whether her younger sister (Shirley Aye) is an alumni.
  • Lyn Maung Thet (GBNF) (elder son of Dr. Kyaw Thet and Daw Khin Khin Gyi) attended PPBRS.
    Not sure whether his siblings : Dr. Khin Nyo Thet, Dr. Lyn Aung Thet and Daw Khin Aye Thet (GBNF) are alumni.
  • U San Aung (Sidney, U Pyu, eldest son of U Chit Tin) attended PPBRS.
    He played in several bands including TAMPS, which is named after Tin Aung, Austin Xavier, Mra Tun, Pierpont Morgan and Sidney San Aung.
    His younger brothers : U Mya Aung (Peter), U Than Aung and U May Aung (Pauk Phaw, GBNF) are alumni.
  • Freddie Maung and his younger brother Sonny Maung attended PPBRS.
  • Robert Gale (U Khin Maung Oo) and his younger sister Dolly Gale (spouse of U Hla Tun (“Japangyi”) attended PPBRS.
  • Tin Maung Thant (“Ah Pho Gyi”, son of UNSG U Thant) attended PPBRS.
  • Winnie Cho and Kenneth Cho (children of Teacher Cho) attended PPBRS.
  • Billy Tun and Walter Penfold are some of the early students at PPBRS.

Mostly classmates and a few junior

  • Kenneth San and Margaret San moved from Ye Aye Kwin, Taunggyi. They attended PPBRS.
  • Elizabeth Kyaw Tun (Dr. Daw Tin Nu, English) and Dorothy Kyaw Tun (Sanda) attended PPBRS.
  • Errol Thein and Myint Swe (Monty Maung Maung) attended PPBRS.
    Errol is a month or so older than his nephew Monty.
  • Saw Oo and his sisters Kyi Kyi Tin and Tin Tin Aye attended PPBRS.
Kyi Kyi Tin and Dr. Mya Than

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