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Update : November 14, 2022

  • Accidents
  • Myo Sett
  • Tin Maung Thant
  • Lily Kyaw Ngwe
  • Myat Hla Sein


A few alumni succumbed to car accidents.

Myo Sett

  • During our early days at PPBRS, we were told that Myo Sett (son of U Hla Maung, “Thar Gaung Gyi”, Mawgunwin) passed away in a car accident.
  • We were shocked to learn the demise of a young person.

Tin Maung Thant

  • Son of U Thant (United Nations Secretary General).
  • Classmate of my elder sister at PPBRS.
  • Was jokingly called “Ah Pho Gyi”.
  • Joined his father in the USA.
    His father was Permanent Secretary of the Burmese Delegation to the UN.
  • When Daj Hammarskjold passed away, the two big powers USA and USSR could not agree on his successor.
    USA proposed Dr. Ralph Bunche (former Under Secretary in the US Government, and a prominent Black Diplomat), but it was vetoed by the USSR.
    USSR proposed the “Trioka” consisting of a representative each from USA, USSR and the Third World, but it was vetoed by the USA.
    Finally, the USA and USSR agreed on a compromise : U Thant (representative of Burma, one of the founders of the Non-aligned Movement).
  • The General Assembly voted U Thant in first as an Interim UNSG and then as the full UNSG.
  • U Tin Maung Thant returned to Burma in 1962.
    For some unknown reason, he took a bus and succumbed in an accident.
    It was a loss.
  • A huge crowd and a long line of cars (some from the Embassies) took part in his final journey.
    The crowd and the motorcade were bigger than the one at the “State Funeral” to honor Commodore Than Pe (Member of 17-man Revolutionary Council, and Minister of Health and Education).
  • He did not live to witness the “cruel” treatment of his father’s remains by the dictatorial authorities more than a decade later.
  • U Aung Tun (Deputy Minister of Education) was the lone high ranking Burmese official to pay respect to the remains of U Thant (Burma’s son and a World Leader).
    He was dismissed.
  • The chaos that ensued sowed bitter seeds in the mass. “U Thant Ah Yay Ah Khi” is a sad story in Burma’s checkered history.

Lily Kyaw Ngwe

  • Daughter of Saya U Kyaw Ngwe (Principal and Author)
  • She perished in a car accident.

Myat Hla Sein

  • Son of U Chin Sein (Actor and Director)
  • Head of Department at RC2 for “Movie Technology”
  • Perished in a car accident
U Myat Hla Sein

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