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Update : November 14, 2022

  • Myanmar Ah Swe (A1 Film)
  • U Tin Yu
  • Daw Marlar Myint
  • A1 U Tin Nwe
  • U Nyi Pu
  • U Tin Pe (Maung Maung Soe)
  • A1 U Tin Maung
  • Other Film Families
  • U Chin Sein
  • U Hla Maung

Myanmar Ah Swe (A1 Film)

The movie pioneers in Burma include “Myanmar Ah Swe” founder and his four sons.

  • A1 U Tin Nwe
  • U Nyi Pu
  • U Tin Pe (Maung Maung Soe)
  • A1 U Tin Maung.

Since it is a huge extended family, I do not know some members.

U Tin Yu

  • Parents : J Maung Sein and Daw Khin Myint (eldest daughter of Myanmar Ah Swe founder).
  • Gave an interview for the “Burmese Movie Centennial”.
  • Assisted his uncle U Tin Maung with cinematography and as assistant director.
  • Later directed many movies.
  • Has three children:
    Zelma Yu (spouse of Than Win (T70), script writer for Thamankyar),
    Zaw Min Yu
    and Zinthe Yu.
  • Than Win attended PBRS.
    He graduated in 1970 with Textile Engineering.
Than Win (Thamankyar)

Daw Marlar Myint

  • Brother : U Tin Yu
  • Spouse : U Mya Maung
  • Children —
    Peggy Mya Maung,
    Dr. Winnie Mya Maung (Win Mar),
    Ted Mya Maung (Toe Nyunt).
    Rosebelle (Sandar, Sar U),
    Mya Zaw
  • Most (if not all) attended PPBRS.
  • Win Mar won the Academy Award for her role in “Pho Pyone Cho”.
    She became a doctor, and did not pursue a career in movies.
  • Toe Nyunt starred in Thamankyar.
    He is well known as “Shwe Gaung Byaung”.
  • Sandar won the Academy Award for her role in “Hne Hmar Ah Thair”.
  • The company “Mya Zaw Film” is named after the youngest child.

A1 U Tin Nwe

  • His children include
    U Thein Zaw (actor),
    U Hla Myo (who directed several action movies with Nyunt Win)
    Spouse of U Hla Bu.
  • U Hla Bu’s children —
    Margie Bu (Ma Aung Si),
    Stanley Bu (A1 Than Htut),
    Freddie Bu (A1 Thein Htut, Sat Su), B
    Bobby Bu (Aung Myint, Thamankyar Ko Myint)
    and Sai Wunna
    — attended PPBRS.
  • Than Htut and Thein Htut won several prizes in the photographic contests.
  • Than Htut and Thein Htut jointly directed Thamankyar.
  • Thein Htut later became known as “Sat Su”.
  • Aung Myint and Sai Wunna acted in Thamankyar.
  • Aung Myint graduated in 1970 with Mining Engineering.
    He is also a vocalist and guitarist.
Thamankyar Ko Myint
  • Aung Chein, nephew of U Hla Bu, was selected Luyechun.
    He graduated in 1972 with Mechanical Engineering.

U Nyi Pu

  • He and his brother U Tin Pe (Maung Maung Soe) acted in an early Burmese film with a Japanese actress.
  • He founded Ma Weik Za Do Films.
    His studio produced “Thamankyar”.
  • Sayamagyi Daw Khin Khin Aye (Teacher Ah Mar) supported her former students to direct and produce “Thamankyar”.
    The twin brothers A1 Than Htut (Stanley) and A1 Thein Htut (Freddie) were be Directors.
    Toe Nyunt (Ted), Aung Myint (Bobby, Thamankyar Ko Myint) and Sai Wunna were Actors.
    Than Win was the script writer.
  • His daughter attended PPBRS.

U Tin Pe (Maung Maung Soe)

  • Actor, Director and Producer.
  • U Maung Maung (son-in-law) owned a Studio.
    His children —
    Rosalind (Ma Pyi Aye),
    Glory (Khin Than Nu, spouse of Thane Myint) and rwo younger sisters
    — attended PPBRS.
  • Ma Pyi Aye graduated in 1966 with Architecture.
  • Ma Nu graduated in 1970 with EC (Electrical Communications).

A1 U Tin Maung

  • U Tin Maung was Actor before he turned Director and Producer.
  • His daughter Phyllis Tin Maung attended PPBRS.

Other Film Families

U Chin Sein

  • Known as “Shwe Nyar Maung”
  • Directed “Collegian” and several movies.
  • Also acted in movies
  • Myat Hla Sein (son) served as Head of Movie Production (or equivalent) Department at Regional College (2).
    Passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.
  • Chit Mya Sein (daughter)

U Hla Maung

  • Fought for Burma’s independence.
  • Known in the movies as “Tha Gaung Gyi”
  • Myo Set (son) perished in a car accident.

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