iNapa Winery *

Gordon Kaung (M83) and Lillian Kaung (EC83) founded iNapa Winery.

The Winery has hosted gatherings

  • for NorCal RITAA meetings
  • to welcome sayas visiting from overseas
  • to welcome staff of the Myanmar Consulate in Los Angeles

Kan So Kan Kaung

During the Napa fires, Gordon and Lillian had to follow their neighbor to get out from the back roads. They had to spend three weeks before returning to the Winery. They were relieved to find the buildings intact.

Gathering at iNapa Winery on April 20, 2019

Gordon Kaung (M83) and Lillian Kaung (EC83) hosted a gathering at iNapa Winery for U Tin Yu (Consul General for Los Angeles) and his family and invited guests from NorCal RITAA and the Myanmar Community.

U Tin Yu and his spouse reminded me that they took courses at UCC as part of the requirement for M.Com. along with Sayama Daw Yin Yin Myint and Sayama Daw Hla Myint (Connie).

It is the fourth overseas assignment for U Tin Yu. His previous assignments include Katmandu, Egypt and Canberra.

On behalf of the Consulate in Los Angeles, U Tin Yu presented the Myanmar flag to iNapa winery.

iNapa winery presented premium wine bottles to U Tin Yu, the Cosulate staff and Myanmar Gazette.

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