H Num Kok (C, GBNF) *

Saya of our Sayas

  • Sayagyi H Num Kok was an early saya of Civil Engineers.
  • He was a saya of our sayas.
  • His students include Saya Dr. Aung Gyi and Saya U Min Wun.


  • After retirement, he moved to USA.
  • He attended SPZP-2000 and selected RIT gatherings in USA and Yangon.
  • He served as Line Judge at several RUBC regattas.
  • He was President of the RIT Athletic Association.
    He was assisted by U Khin Maung Lay (Henry, Secretary) and U Myo Nyunt (Joint Secretary).
  • U Myo Nyunt visited Sayagyi’s home in Portland, Oregon.
    Sayagyi proudly showed U Myo Nyunt souvenirs (including a Banner) that he had received from his former students during his visit to Myanmar.
  • Sayagyi was healthy and active.
  • He passed away peacefully in his 90s (a few years back).


H Num Fatt & H Num Pon (Saya U Myint Lwin) : younger brothers of Sayagyi

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