Economists *

  • Burma had eminent Economists (Dr. Hla Myint, Dr. Solomon …).
  • Dr. Hla Myint served as Rector of Rangoon University.
    He moved to UK to do Research and Teaching.
  • Dr. Solomon served as Dean at Stanford University.
    He was also a Presidential Advisor.
  • Dr. Ronald Findlay received his Doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    He served as Research Professor at the Faculty of Social Science (Institute of Economics).
    After the Coup D’etat and the establishment of the “Burmese Way to Socialism”, he was offered Professorship by two prestigious US Universities.
    He chose Columbia University and retired as Dean.
    He passed away in October 2021.
  • I met several Sayas from the Faculty of Social Science (including Dr. Findlay and Saya Jimmy Kywe) when my uncle U Than Lwin (GBNF) took me to Social Science Library where he was Librarian (in addition to being an Economics Lecturer).

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