Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor) *

Brief Bio

Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor Nyunt, SPHS63) stood 4th in the whole of Burma in the Matriculation of 1963.

He received his Doctorate from UK.

He served as Professor of Physiology at IM(1) and IM(2) and a university in Malaysia.

He has compiled a list of Professors of Physiology.

He is an artist and painter.
He illustrated one of the books by Ashin Ananda (Reverend F Lustig, Laureate Poet).

He also writes blogs and poems.


Dr. Nyunt Wai wrote :

Thank you Ko Hla Min. But I’m no painter or a poet. Just occasional excursions to these fields. And I’m not a visiting Professor. Had to apply for this job in Malaysia just like any other expatriate from India or Bangladesh. So I’m no 3 “P”s. This reminds me of “No 3 P policy” of the now extinct Yahoo group Alumni-Myanmar-medical-institutes founded by Saya Johnny Thane Oke Kyaw-Myint, which served well as a lively forum for us until the advent of Facebook.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

Yes AMIM was a tight small group of us. Those who became friends then remain now as close friends. On FB, there is short attention as well as being bombarded by posts that we have no interest in.

Offering Soon to Uzin Saya Beatson
Kyu Mar

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