RUBC Captains *

U Thaung Lwin and U Tin U

U Tin U

  • He is the most senior and oldest among the active Past Captains.
  • He celebrated his 93rd birthday in August 2022.
  • He is Past Captain of Rangoon Golf Club.
  • He taught part-time at the Civil Engineering Department after receiving his BS from Oregon State University and MS from Yale University.

U Thaung Lwin

  • He stood 17th in Matriculation of 1960 and won Collegiate Scholarship
    (along with several other SPHS students)
  • He was a Top student in the Class of EC66.
  • He worked for IBM Burma before moving to Singapore.
  • He retired from Chartered Semiconductors


  • Of the six brothers, four are Past Captains and Gold of RUBC :
    U Tin U, Dr. Myo Tint, U Tin Htoon and U Thaung Lwin.
    Two are Full Green :
    U Ba Than, U Myo Min
  • Dr. Myo Tint (GBNF) stood 3rd in Burma from TTC in 1952.
    He succumbed to Covid.
  • U Tin Htoon (A60) is two-time ARAE Champion and Silver medalist for SEAP Yatching.
    He compiled the RUBC 40th Anniversary Souvenir magazine with Sithu U Tin and U Po Zon.
    He chaired the publications committee for RUBC 90th Anniversary.
    He is architect for Thiripyitsaya Hotel in Bagan and Burmese Buddhist Temple in Singapore.
    He co-founded Triple Gems Publication.
    He is a Board member of Pariyatti.
  • U Ba Than is retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering.
    He will turn 92 on October 2, 2022.
  • U Myo Min is a co-founder of UCC
    with Sayas Dr. Chit Swe (GBNF), U Soe Paing and U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF).
    He taught at Nan Yang Institute (now NTU) in Singapore.
    He worked for Seagate and Connor in USA.
    He passed Abhidhamma examinations.
    He is enjoying retirement doing physical fitness, studying new subjects and practicing meditation.


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