October *


  • Oct means Eight
  • October is the 8th month of the old Roman calendar
  • October is the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar
  • October has 31 days.

Special Days

October 1

  • Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi‘s birthday is celebrated by friends, family and former students on or around October 1.

October 2

  • Sayagyi U Ba Than offers soon dana for his birthday on or around October 2 at Yaw Sayadaw’s Kyaung.
    Sayas, former students and friends are invited to the soon kway.
  • Class of 69 usually offers Garawa at Sayagyi’s place on or around his birthday
  • Mini-gathering put on hold due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021
    Zoom meetings on sayas’s birthday
  • Photo Album / Book present by U Tin Htoon (in 2020)
    Compilers : U Tin Htoon and U Htaik San (Henry Kao)
    DHL Delivery : paid by Saya U Tin Htut
  • Photo Card present by U Tin Htoon (in 2021)

October 5

  • Also known as International Teachers’ Day
  • Celebrated annually since October 5, 1994
  • Some countries have “local” Teachers’ Day.


  • Occurs every year on October 31 (i.e. the day before “All Saint’s Day” which falls on November 1).
  • Celebrated with “Trick or Treat” by the children and [optional] “Halloween Costume Party” by young and old adults.

End of Buddhist Lent

  • End of Burmese Buddhist Lent (Full Moon Day of Thadinkyut)
    Usually falls in October.
  • Phaung daw-u festival (in Inle Lake) is held on the Full Moon Day of Thadinkyut.

Deepavali / Diwali

  • Celebrated by the Hindus around October.
  • Known as the “Festival of Lights”.


  • Due to differences in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, the Bolshevik Revolution is [wrongly] referred to as the “October Revolution“.
  • Ocktoberfest is a festival held in October.
    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Ocktoberfest for 2020 was cancelled.
  • Things seem brighter regarding the pandemic in October 2021.
    Many people have Covid-19 vaccines for at least one dose.
    Some have two doses (of Pfizer or Moderna).
    Eligible people have a third dose (Booster).

    Covid-19 pills are undergoing tests.

    There are mutations and variations of Covid (e.g. Delta) spreading around the globe.
  • The Annual Pumpkin Festival with the bragging rights to the “heaviest” Pumpkin is held along Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay in Northern California.
    The traffic is really bad in the area for most of October.
    The 7-mile strip takes an hour or more during the Festival period.
  • Working People’s Daily (WPD) used to publish Supplements.
    I wrote “Phaungdaw-u Festival” (Poem) for the Thadinkyut Supplement.

Phaung Daw-u Festival
(Poem by Hla Min)

Phaung Daw-u, oh Burma’s grandeur
Can truly make our hearts sublime
Its mystic charm and rhyme-less splendor
Have firmly stood the test of time

It lies deep in the heart of people
It gives them courage and inspiration
No wonder this festival has no equal
It promises joy and veneration

On board the Karaweik so scintillating
Stood the four images of Lord Buddha
For the Noble Truth are we vindicating?
What lies deep under the completed tour?

But one statue was left behind
Because in writings we do find
That should it ever leave the shrine
There will be thunder and storm
Thus a happy reunion on the morn of the full moon of Thadinkyut

From floating islands the leg rowers came
To take part in the race
With their muscular frame, with might and main
Their oars flashing at a rapid pace

Festivities last all night long
Dances to the company of ozi and gong
Oh, prayers that fill the cool evening air
May loving kindness prevail everywhere


  • The First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe (SPZP-2000) was held in October 2000.
  • I wrote 64 “Countdown to the Reunion” and 36 “Post Reunion” (news and articles) for SPZP-2000 in my Newsletter and the ex-rit.org website.
  • I wrote a poemSAYA PU ZAW PWE“.
    It was published in the Commemorative Issue of “RIT Alumni Newsletter”.

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