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January 1, 2013 *

Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

Wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Thanks to all the readers — mostly silent but occasionally appreciative.

Since I was a Saya, but not at RIT, I was not as busy as my classmates who were RIT sayas attending SPZPs once or twice a day. Some alums (e.g. class of 70 and 71, Mech 72, Civil 75) invited me as guest to their class reunions and/or SPZPs. Thanks.

My classmates (from the the class of 69++) had a grand reunion lunch, where Ko Aung Min made a roll call of the GBNF before being entertained to food, drinks, welcome addresses, songs and dances. Thanks. Please read Ko Aung Min’s e-mail.

From U Aung Min (M69)

Dear All 69++er Classmates,,,

  • Today, (31 December, 2012) we RIT 1969++ classmates held a grand re-union lunch successfully.
  • About 90 classmates including about 8 ladies join the re-union, from abroad and in land.
  • Although we sold the lunch tickets @ 10000 Kyats per head, KO TIN WIN (Mining) took the opportunity of the re-reunion and hosted the Whiskey.
  • So, almost all the cash, sold amount, will be transferred to the 69er Health Care Fund
  • Ko Kyaw Zin also brought one liter of Chivas/
  • Danny, Albert, and Saw Law La Hter are good vocalists at the ceremony.

With Metta,
Aung Min

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