* U Thet Lwin

Brief Bio

  • Matriculated from St. Paul’s High School in 1957.
    His Burmese teacher was Saya U Sein (father of Dr. Soe Win, 1st in Burma in 1958, retired Rector of YUFL).
  • Taught Burmese at the Institute of Economics.
    Served as Secretary of a Committee headed by Dr. Aung Gyi (Professor of Civil Engineering) at the RU Golden Jubilee in 1970.
  • Transferred to RIT as Registrar.
    Saya Dr. Aung Gyi was Rector.
  • Served as Administrator at RASU and Director at the Ministry of Education


  • Pen name : Maung Ngwe Hlinne
  • Composer & Pianist: Mya Kyun Nyo Nyo Tekkatho & several other songs
  • Patron, RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thinn
  • Publisher, RIT Annual Magazines
  • Gave interview on “Mya Kyun Nyo Nyo Tekkatho”.
    Saya received K100 remuneration for the Dat Pya from BBS and treated his fellow musicians.
    The song has been performed at SPZPs and RU Centennial.
    Various recordings are available on Youtube


  • After retirement, he was glad to be invited by former students and talk for a long time.
  • He received Garawa money before RU Centennial for composing the epic song.
  • Sad to note that he gradually lost memory.
  • Glad to learn that he can still play his favorite song.
  • Saya is the maternal uncle of U Sein Tin (EC74, Australia).


  • U Thet Lwin (Registrar, RIT)
  • U Thet Lwin at St. Paul’s High School
  • Photo & Pon Tu & Presentation
  • Two Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins
    Maung Ngwe Hlinne & Tekkatho Moe War
  • At a Pu Zaw Pwe
  • Interview
    broadcast on MN TV

Thanks to
U Maung Maung Lay, Bagyee Myo Myint, U Than Po, Saya U Moe Aung and the owners of photos

U Thet Lwin (Registrar, RIT)
U Thet Lwin (St. Paul’s High School)
Photo of U Thet Lwin
Painting by Bagyee Myat Myo Myint
U Thet Lwin receiving Bagyee
Two Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins
Tekkatho Moe War
& Maung Ngwe Hlinne
U Thet Lwin
At Pu Zaw Pwe

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