* Norcal RITAA Annual Dinner

U Tin Myint (M67, GBNF)

  • He is a donor to SPZPs.
    He was one of the five Golden Sponsors of SPZP-2000.
    He donated $3000 to SPZP-2012.
  • He also supported Norcal RITAA.
    He sponsored a table at the Annual Dinner to invite
    selected sayas and alumni to attend the dinner.

Saya U Myo Myint Sein (A58)

  • He was from the first batch of Architecture graduates in 1958
  • He received his Masters from Michigan University.
  • He retired from RIT as Professor.
  • He published books on Architecture.
  • He was President of RU ConBro association and Soccer selected.

Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62)

  • He matriculated from St. John’s Dio.
  • He won a Gold Medal in 1958 (along with Saya U Soe Paing and another)
    for the Highest Score in Mathematics in I.Sc (both years)
  • He was the youngest in the Class of M62
  • He received his Doctorate from Melbourne University
  • He is Past President of BASES
  • He is Core Organizer (along with Saya U Tin Htut)
    for 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

Daw Khin Htar Yee (Lily Win, T72)

  • She was Secretary of BEA
  • She is the spouse and supporter of Saya Dr. Tin Win & his projects
    Financial support for eligible students
    Fundraiser for SPZP-2007 by running the LA Marathon
    2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

U Thura Thant Zin (M76)

  • Goalkeeper for All Universities & Institutes’ Hockey Team
    (with KMZ as the last defender
  • RUBC Gold
    (with Dat Pon Sann Aung, Win Khaing & Phyo)
  • Past President & long time Secretary of BASES
  • Organizer, SPZP-2000
  • Organizer, 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

Saya U Maung Maung (George, ChE66)

  • Founding member of RIT Alumni International
  • Organizer, SPZP-2000
  • Founding member and inaugural President of Norcal RITAA
  • Fundraiser for the Training Component of YTU Library Modernization project

Daw Khin Khin Kyu (Ann, A67)

  • Supporter of RIT Alumni international & Norcal RITAA
  • Her classmates include Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (GBNF) and U Tun Thein.
  • Her brother : Saya U Thein Han (Mathematics, Burma selected in Basketball)


  • BASES invited alumni from Norcal to attend Annual Dinner
    One was hosted by U Tin Htway (M59, co-founder)
    Most others are held at restaurants
  • Saya U Myo Myint Sein and his seven brothers attended De La Salle schools.
    Saya will turn 91 on October 1, 2022
Norcal RITAA Annual Dinner

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