* Heartfelt thanks

I know only a fraction of sayas and alumni.

Thanks to those who provided photos, captions and feedback, I am able to learn more about sayas and alumni.

My posts may supplement and/or complement the trove of information that has appeared in HMEE book, Magazines, Sar Saungs, Newsletters and various media. They may help researchers, historians, folklorists, archivists, educators and general public to learn about our alma mater, sayas, alumni and events (e.g SPZP).

We hope to cover more materials so that we share at least some of them in 2024 to celebrate the Centennial of Engineering Education in Burma. It will also mark the Silver Jubilee of my volunteer work for RIT (in the most general sense) and the engineering community.

SPZP-2000 Organizers
CD Supplement
History of Myanmar Engineering Education
Photo & Kyauk Si Bagyee
Alumni Appreciation Award
HMEE-2012 Project
10th Anniversary of RIT Alumni International
U Ba Than, U Hla Min, Dr. San Hla Aung

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