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Burma Selected

Once upon a time, Burma was known as a “power house” of athletics in SEAP games. Burma placed first in the 2nd SEAP Games held in Rangoon, Burma. Some competed in Asia and in the Olympics.

Myee Tone Naw (Marathon), Shim bwe gam (10K), Ko Soe Aung (sprint & relay), Ko Kyaw Mra (hurdles), Ko Soe Mra & Ko Maung Maung Mra (pole vault), Ko Jimmy Crampton (800m, 1500m) are some well-known male T&F stars.

Gracie Carr (100m and long jump), Jennifer Tin Lay (shot put), Than Than (Sprint), Khin Khin Hwe (Coach), Ma Weik Pan (Marathon) are some well-known female T&F stars.

Inter-School and Inter-College / Institute

In the early days, there were T&F competitions as part of the Annual Sports (e.g. in SPHS), Inter-school Tournaments. Some (e.g. Ko Jimmy Crampton) went on to shine as a Burma Selected. Ko Kyaw Mra, Ko Kyaw Khin … later chose to become National Coach.

It is sad to learn that many students (at the present time) would not (or could not) give some time to train and excel in sports in addition to being good in their studies.

Scholar Athletes

In the early days, there were several people who were excellent in their studies and in their hobby sports.

For example, Dr. Htut Saing (Harry Saing, Pediatric Surgeon) served as Captain of RUBC. He won with U Tin Htoon (A60) in Coxless Pairs in 1958 ARAE Regatta in Calcutta. He won with U Victor Htun Shein, U Sunny Teng, U Tin Htoon (A60) and U Sein Htoon (M63) in Coxed Fours in the 1960 ARAE Regatta in Colombo. He was Burma Selected in Hockey and Cricket, and represented the Faculty of Medicine in T&F and soccer. He assisted Dr. Pe Nyun (Dick San Pe, Pediatric Surgeon, Past Captain and Gold of RUBC) for the first ever operation in Burma to separate conjoined twins (Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San). He later taught at the University of Hong Kong, and also served as a Patron for the Hong Kong Rowing Club. Per his wishes, his ashes were scattered in the waters near the Hong Kong Rowing Club.

In Our Days

Even in our days, there were several people who were good in sports and studies. Ko Htay Aung (M69), Sai Kham Pan (EP69), Ko Wunna Sithu (EC71), Ko Victor Aung Myin (M72) are some examples.

Ko Aung Gyi Shwe, Ko Myo Nyunt, and Ma Khin Than Myint are some T&F selected from the Class of 69.

The Class of 70 was represented in RIT and/or Inter-Institute by the following :

source : Ko Ohn Khine (M70) and Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70)

  • Sai Thein Maung (100m, Triple Jump, RIT Goalkeeper, organizer of Intake of 64 & 65)
  • Shein Kee Gae GBNF Track & Field (Long Distance runner)
  • Saw Mg Mg Htwe Track & Field (ran a challenge race in Mandalay early this year)
  • Oo Myint (Mn) Track & Field
  • Win Naing Track & Field
  • Ma Lei Lei Chit (Ch) Track & Field
  • Ma Nan Khaming (A) Track & Field
  • Maung Maung Thaw (E) Track & Field, and Boxing

Ko Aung Khin (M66) is a multiple-sports athlete. He won the Inter-Institute High Jump by beating the Burma selected from RASU. He also represented RIT in soccer, volley ball, basketball, and hiking.

Ko Khin Maung Lay (Henry, T68), and Ko Victor Aung Myin (M72) are also star athletes.

Early Days (Pre-Internet)

Before the advent of TV and the Internet, one has to follow sports via newspapers, radio and later TV.

I won a ticket from my “Morals and Manners” class teacher to see 1960 Rome Olympics Documentary at Thamada (President) Cinema. Armin Harry (Germany) won the 100m and 200m. Rafer Johnson (US) won the Decathlon. Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia) won the Marathon while running bare foot. He would successfully defend his title in 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

I was able to watch the 1972 Munich Olympics on a color TV (in UK).

Fast forward

Usain Bolt retired as the “fastest man”.

Hope we will see well-rounded student athletes in Myanmar again.

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