RIT Badminton *

During our days

  • Saya U Yone Moe (GBNF) was the Rector.
  • Saya U Maung Maung Than (Tex, GBNF) was Chairman of RIT Sports Committee.
  • Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, GBNF) was President of RIT Badminton Association.

Inter-Institute Tournament

  • RIT won the trophy

Sai Kham Pan (EC69) was Burma Selected. He would bring back shuttle cocks, which were “still good” but discarded at the Training Camp, for his hostel mates. He was then Number Two in Singles, and Number One in Doubles with Kyi Nyunt (Sagaing, Burma Champion). Due to tight schedules for some tournaments overseas, he had to take books along to study for the examinations.

He had excellent foot work and strong wrists. He needed training partners at RIT. Ko Myint Sein (M69) was his partner in training and in competition. Ko Khin Maung Win (Sargalay, EP69) was his “reliable” training partner. SKP would give Sargalay 10+ bonus points for the 15 point game.

Bishnu Shasi (from the Class of 69) was also a good Badminton player.


  • Indonesia, Malaysia, China … were the power houses in Asia.
  • Burma did reasonably well in the SEAP and Asian Games.

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