Memories *

Saya U Aung Khin gave me, Ivan Lee and Fred Thetgi souvenirs from Windsor, Canada

Saya U Aung Khin, Saya Allen Htay (GBNF) and Daw Mu Mu Kin

  • Saya U Aung Khin gave the go-ahead signal for SPZP-2000
  • Saya Allen is founder and President of RIT Alumni International, which hosted SPZP-2000
  • In memory of Saya Allen, Daw Mu Mu donated saya’s books to YTU Library.
    She also provided financial assistance to eligible YTU students

Saya U Aung Hla Tun (GBNF) and members of HMEE-2012 project

  • Saya served as Chief Editor of RIT Annual Magazine, Associate Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, and Resident Elder of the Church of Holy Christ.
  • He published two books. He won National Literature Award for the first book.
  • Despite failing health, he completed the second book and most of his three-year plan.

My Souvenirs

  • Alumni Appreciation Award
    presented by NorCal RIT Alumni Association
  • SPHS63 Scholarship Winners
    Invitation to attend OPA (Old Paulians’ Association) Annual Dinner
    Photo taken after the Award ceremony at SPHS

Distinguished Toastmaster

  • Award received in 2017

Framed Birthday Greetings & awards

  • Electronic greeting card was printed by Ko Maurice Chee
    and given to me at the Soon Kwyay gathering at Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, California
  • Father’s Day gift from my Myees

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