Proj 1

U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) *

Brief Bio

  • He matriculated from St. Albert’s High School, Maymyo.
  • He was admitted with Roll Number One to the first ever 1st BE in November 1964.
  • He graduated with Electrical Power in 1970.
  • He worked for HIC briefly and Ceramics Corporation.
  • He moved to USA, did his MS and worked in the Electronics Industry until retirement.

Activities and Achievements

  • He was selected as RIT Luyechun in the Summer of 1965 to attend Inlay Khaung Daing Camp.
  • He wrote a long article about “RIT Days 1964 – 1970”.
    U Ohn Khine (M70) added details and posted in the Google Group for the 1st BE Intake.
    I added the article and published it in RIT Alumni Newsletter.
  • He hosted Sayagyi U Ba Toke (who was invited to attend SPZP-2000 by his former students) at his new house in Hayward California.
  • He played Soccer for his Block, Class and EE department (mainly as Goalkeeper).
  • He was EC of Hostel Committe, Burmese Association, Maths Association, EE Association, English Association, Track & Field Association, RIT Magazine Committee.


  • He made waves when he complained about mismanagement at the Luyechun Camp.
    Later Camp Commandants were sayas (including Sayagyi U Ba Toke).
  • He added Nawaday to his name to minimize name conflicts (which are common for Burmese names).
  • Ko Ye Myint (son of Sayagyi U Ba Toke) and Ko Nyunt Maung San were Best Men at his wedding.
  • Ko Naing Win (GBNF) asked Ko Zaw Min to accompany him to a Cinema with his girlfriend and another (who became Ko ZM’s soul mate).
  • He had a short temper. He was given a stern warning for hitting a student (who instigated him).
    It appeared in a report requested by the father (DIG of Police) of his girlfriend, but …
  • He competed in the English Debate between 1st year and 2nd year classes.
    He won as a 1st year student.
    He lost as a 2nd year student.
  • He was a preliminary selection for the RIT crew at RUBC.
  • He hiked to Rakkhine with Ko Han Tha Myint and Ko Sein Win.
    It was reported in the newspapers.
  • He lived and worked in New York and California.
    After retirement, he moved to Las Vegas.
  • He does not initiate phone calls.
  • He does not use Social Media.

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