Win Maung (Name) *

There are sayas and alumni named U Win Maung.

U Win Maung (Lake, EE69er)

  • He won a Silver Medal in the Senior Novices event at RUBC Monsoon Regatta in 1966.
  • He represented RIT in Swimming and Water polo along with Htay Aung (M69, Burma Selected), Sein Myint, Hla Kyaing, and Moe Hein (Ajala).
  • He is a back stroke specialist.
    He used back stroke in the Cross Lake event (covering 2000 meters).
  • He left RIT before graduation to earn license to maintain aircraft & systems (from UK).
  • He worked for UBA/BAC.
  • He has a family business in Bago (which often requires him to commute).
  • Sister : Sayama Winnie (ChE70)
  • Cousin : Dr. Min Lwin (Maurice, SPHS64)

Saya U Win Maung (C67, GBNF)

  • He was active with Lanzin Lu Nge

U Win Maung (T70, USA)

  • He is a 69er, but he had to take a year off due to his medical condition.


There are notable non-alumni

  • U Win Maung
    DG, DHE
  • Mahn Win Maung
    Former President, Union of Burma
  • U Win Maung (SPHS63)
    Member of SPHS band
  • U Win Maung (Bohmugyi)
    Father of Academy May Win Maung
  • U Win Maung
    Burma Selected in Soccer
  • U Win Maung
    Zat Mintha

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