RIT Belles

By Mai Khin Nyunt (Rosie, ChE71) and Ma Tin Aye (C73)

Dear Ko Hla Min,

May I present the names of TWO photos of RIT ladies.

First photo :

Right – Ma Sandi Hlaing — Ch 66 intake
2nd from Right Mai Khin Nyunt (Rosie Gyi) — Ch 65 intake
3rd. — Ma Nila Mya Aung — M 64 intake
4th Ma Jessie Htwe — M 66 intake
5th Ma Annie Ba Htaw — Tex65 intake
6th Ma Aye Aye Than (Pauk Pauk, Emma’s cousin) Ch 66 intake (UK)
7th Ma Tin Tin Myint (Emma Myint) — Ch 64 intake (Singapore)
8th Ma Than Than Yi (GBNF) Tex 65 intake (my best friend who passed away
in Sept 2013, USA)
9th Ma Phyu Phyu Latt (Christine Latt) — Ar – 64 intake (Australia)
10th Ma Min Thet Mon (Pamela Myo Min) — Ar -64 intake

We all served as ushers at the Graduation Dinner in late 1966. Graduation took place at RIT as well as the Dinner, at “Aw Bar Lann” area.

Second photo by Ma Tin Aye (C73 Volleyball) :

As far as I remember, those were:

Right …. Ma Aye Aye Than (Pauk Pauk, Emma’s cousin) — (Ch 66-72, UK)

2nd from Right Ma Tin Tin Myint (Emma Myint) — Ch 64-70, Singapore)

3rd Ma Hla Hla Aye (She was a cover girl of the “Shay Tho Sar Saung”. Inside the Sar Saung had an article about RIT activities with photos. I kept that Sar Saung, but unfortunately (after so many years) now I only have a page left with a photo taken at the Chemistry lab, which included Ma Khin Myat Swe (spouse of Saya U Moe Aung), Henry Koe, my spouse Ko Khin Mg Myint and myself).

4th Ma Tin Aye (C )

5th Ma Nelly Khin Myo Win (GBNF) (Ch 65-71, Mandalay)

6th I guess it could be Ma Margaret Yi (Ch 65).

All are from G -Hall at one of the Tha Din Gyut or Da Saung Taing Pwe at Shwe Dagon Pagoda, organized by G -Hall.

Rosie (Ch 65-71)

Editor’s Notes:

  • There were 45 (or so) female students in the first 1st BE intake in 1964.
  • There may be a little bit more in the 1st BE intake in 1965.

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