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  • Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) used to maintain logs.
  • Every crew lists the boat used, time in & out, the name of the members, and message (e.g. leak).
  • The Color Award Team meets after the Monsoon Regatta and Annual Regatta to consider candidates for Half Green and Full Green based on the results at the Regatta and the entries in the Log.
  • Winners and Runner Up of events such as Senior Novice and Junior Novice are prime candidates, but persistent members are also rewarded.
  • In Mathematics, log stands for logarithm.
  • In our high school days, we had to buy books containing logarithms, anti-logarithms, and trigonometric functions.
    The standard version provides 4 digits.
    The advanced version provides 5 – 7 digits.
  • For the Matriculation examination, logarithm books are provided.
  • In Lighter vein :
    At one school, the invigilator ordered to take the logarithm books back.
    Asked why, she replied, “We had to learn them by heart”.
  • Slide rules use the logarithmic scale.
  • The multiplication of two numbers is done by adding their logarithms.
  • Cartoon Aung Myint has a joke about Slide Rule.

RIT student : Aba, I have bought a slide rule.
Aba : Son, can you add two numbers with it?
Son : Sorry, I can’t.
Aba: Throw away your useless ruler.

  • Some use wooden logs for fire.
  • Some fire places “simulate” wooden logs using electricity & electronics.

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