Poems and Translations

Phaungdaw-u Festival (Poem) *

  • Many years ago, I wrote a poem “The Phaungdaw-u Festival” for the Thadinkyut Supplement of Working People’s Daily (WPD).
  • I visited Inlay Lake four times.
  • First visit was in the summer of 1965.
    Selected as Tekkatho Luyechun for the Inlay Khaung Daing Camp.
  • Second visit was in October, 1965.
    Accompanied Peter Pe (Aung Kyaw, SPHS, Movie Star) and Maung Maung Aye (SPHS, IM1, GBNF) to Inlay and Taunggyi.
    Peter’s cousins (including a medical doctor) live in In Paw Khone in Inlay.
    Peter’s uncle U Maung Maung Latt was Ah Mat Choke in Taunggyi.
    Saw first hand the famous Phaungdaw-u Festival.
  • Third visit was made a few years back.
    Took a tour package (air travel to He Ho airport, hotel, car and boat) to Inlay.
    Stayed at a hotel in Inlay and then visited selected places in a chartered boat.
    Sad to see the declining state of Inlay (e.g. water level).
    Also spent some time in Taunggyi and the nearby cave in Ho Pone.
  • Fourth visit was in January 2020 at the end of the Myanmar PSA (Public Speakers Association) Tour to Upper Myanmar.

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