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The Great Gandhiji (Poem) *

  • Born as Mohandas K. Gandhi. 
  • Indian lawyer.
  • Returned from overseas to lead non-violent boycotts.
  • Subsequently known as Mahatma, Gandhiji and the Apostle of Non-violence. 
  • Assassinated by a Hindu Extremist, who did not like Gandhi’s tolerance for non-Hindus.
  • The movie “Nine Hours to Rama” did not fare well in the Box Office.
  • The movie “Gandhi” won an Oscar for Ben Kingsley for his portrayal as Gandhi.
  • I wrote a poem for the Centennial of his birthday.
  • The poem was published in the Working People’s Daily (WPD) on October 1, 1969.

The Great Gandhiji

A man of true principle
With spirit invincible
He sacrificed his pleasures
Faith and freedom were his treasures

No arms did he carry
No threats made him tarry
No torture or prison
Could change his decision

He led all protests
Despite threats and arrests
All races and creeds
Revered his deeds

He could not see his dreams come true
The whole world grieves his loss too
Though he cared not for fame
His name will indeed remain
In history, O Great Gandhiji

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