* Dean of Engineering

U Ba Hli

U Ba Hli
  • Sayagyi U Ba Hli was the first Dean of Engineering at the University of Rangoon. He also served as Professor of Civil Engineering. He is credited for the “Twinning” with the prestigious universities in the USA.
  • The commemorative issue of RIT Alumni International Newsletter for the first RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe paid respect to Sayagyi.
  • Sayagyi U Aung Khin (former Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and the driving force behind SPZP-2000) wrote an introduction to the special article written by Saya Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (the only child of Sayagyi U Ba Hli).

U Ba Hli’s son

  • Dr. F. Ba Hli received his Sc.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT. He helped Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi and Sayagyi U Min Wun, who were two of the first undergraduate engineering students from the University of Rangoon to be given State Scholarship as part of the “Twinning” program.
  • Dr. F. Ba Hli’s spouse is the sister of Sayagyi U Tin U (C), Sayagyi U Ba Than (M), Dr. Myo Tint (father of Ma Kay (EE93)), U Tin Htoon (A60), Saya U Myo Min (UCC) and U Thaung Lwin (EC66). Note that four are Past Captain and Gold of Rangoon University Boat Club.
  • Dr. F. Ba Hli has a daughter and two sons.

U Ba Hli’s grand children

  • Daw Tin Tin Hlaing (UCC) is the spouse of U Htay Aung (Victor, EC80, UCC, nephew of Saya U Sein Hlaing (EE)).
  • U Tha Hlaing (EC83, UCC) stood joint first with Ko Thaung Tin (KMD, former Deputy Minister) in their final year. He, his father and his paternal grandfather form Three Generation of Burmese engineers who are sayas or alumni.
  • Min Thet Tun did not smoke or drink, but succumbed to lung cancer in mid 30s. He lamented why some people who drink and smoke lived long.

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