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This is Sydney

  • U Tha Hlaing (EC83) stood Joint First with U Thaung Tin (EC83, KMD).
  • He is the elder son of Saya Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (GBNF) and Daw Myint Thwe (sister of Saya U Ba Than).
  • He gave me the book during my visit to Sydney in 2006.
Book present by U Tha Hlaing


  • Dr. Nandamalabhivansa, retired Rector of IMBTU, is the author.
  • As Pro-Rector, Sayadaw brought special robes for the Final Journey of U Silanandabhivansa, inaugural Rector of IMBTU.
  • I was emcee for the Memorial Service.
  • Saya U Ye Sint (Physics) and I served as Editors of Dhammanda Newsletter, EC & BOD of TBSA, and Contributing Editors of the book in memory of U Silananda. He gave me the Pathan book as present.
Pathan book by Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa

Q&A on Dhamma

  • Ashin Kelasa published five volumes on the topic, and a few other books.
  • He gave me some books in person (during his visits to the SF Bay Area) or by mail.
  • He is the Chief Resident monk at A Lo Daw Pyie monastery at Apache Junction, Arizona.
Book by Ashin Kelasa

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