By Dr. Tin Win (M62)

We moved to BIT from Leik Khone in 1961 and attended our final year classes there. I resided at F-Hall, Room #1 during that year where U Aung Than (Mining) was our Hall Tutor.

I am not sure who the other hall tutors were. I suspect there might have been only two or three hall tutors then, and the other hall tutors might have been U Shwe Yi (Textile) and U San Tint (Electrical).

But I must admit I do not recall very well. Some of my good friends who might remember are Col. Myint Thein Lwin (M-62), (BEME, retired), Col. Hla Kyi (M-62), (BAF, retired) and U Maung Maung (C-62), (Irrigation Dept., retired), who also resided at the hostels.

Editor’s notes

  • Saya Dr. Tin Win is believed to be among the youngest members in the class of 62.
  • Saya also shared the gold medal with Saya U Soe Paing (EE) and another for gaining the most marks in Mathematics for combined I.Sc. classes.

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