Italian Buddhist Monk *

U Lokanatha

  • It amazes us that books (and even a book chapter) can change a person’s life.
  • Salvatore Cioffi was working as a Chemist in the USA.
  • He was from a devout Catholic family, and his elder brother was a Priest.
  • He received a book present from his supervisor for Christmas.
  • One of the chapters was “Dhammapada“.
    After reading the chapter, Samvegha crept in.
    He quit his job and then went on pilgrimage to the places sacred to Buddhism.
  • In 1925, he was ordained in Burma as a Buddhist monk named “U Lokanatha“.
  • He published a booklet, “Why I became a Buddhist.”
    He wrote, “I became a Buddhist. My supervisor remained a Christian.”
  • My maternal grand mother offered a monastery for U Lokanatha in Bawdigone (Windermere, Rangoon).
  • U Lokanatha practiced Dhutanga.
  • He also preached and had Dhamma Dhuta missions to India and Ceylon
  • Sayadaw gave dhamma talks in Mandalay and Maymyo.
    Dr. Soni was a principal supporter.
  • He paid respect to Myingyan Sun Lun Gu Kyaung Sayadaw.
    The event is described in “Sun Lun Sayadaw’s Biography“.
  • He corresponded with B. R. Ambedkar, the Indian Dalit (“untouchables”) leader.
  • Sayadaw passed away in Maymyo on May 25, 1966.

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