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To the Fallen Warrior (Poem)

Independence Movement and the Warriors

  • Taw Hlan Yay Nay” (Resistance Day) is celebrated in March.
    The resistance officially started on March 27, 1945.
  • Bohmu Ba Htoo had started the resistance earlier, but it was made to look like a random sporadic act of defiance.
    The town which housed the early military training school was named “Ba Htoo Myo”.
  • Lut Latt Yay Nay” (Independence Day) is celebrated in January.
  • The Union Jack was lowered and the Union Flag was flown on January 4, 1948.
  • The time 4:20 AM may have been suggested some experts in Astrology.
  • Many civilians and armed personnel put their lives on the line in their support for a Democratic and Independent Union of Burma.
  • Some believed that the “pen is mightier than the sword.”

Forward Magazine

  • My poem “To the fallen warrior” was published in Forward Magazine.
  • Bohmu Ba Thaw (Maung Thaw Ka) was the Chief Editor.
    Jokingly asked me if I would join his staff.
  • U Sein Hla was the Assistant Editor.
  • Received Fifteen Kyats for my poem.
  • The artist who illustrated my poem received Fifty Kyats.

To the Fallen Warrior
(Poem by Hla Min)

You fought your foes not with your bows
But with a mighty pen
You sang a song and made us long
To free this sacred land

“Look at the colonialist tyrants
They’ve made a living hell
Let’s drive these murderous giants
Brothers, fight and rebel

If you have faith in the Lone Star
Against the red background
I say Independence will not be too far”
Why your advice was too sound

But you died somewhere on duty
Before Burma blossomed in dawn
So you could not share the real beauty
Of freedom now that you’re gone

Poem : To The Fallen Warrior 

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