Dr. Mohan (GBNF)

Dr. Mohan served as Medical Officer in WWII (Second World War).

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Dr. Mohan 

His daughter Mona T. Han wrote :

Thanks to all veterans, past and present. Here’s an old photo of my Dad, Major Dr. P. R. Mohan, who served in the Burma Army Medical Corps from 1939 – 1945 as a medical officer in Burma theater, and discharged as a Major at the completion of World War II.

He passed away in 2005. He was 88 yrs old.

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Dr. Mohan and Dr. Daw Hnin Yi (Rosie)

Dr. Mohan and Dr. Daw Hnin Yi (Rosie) are remembered by several former students and colleagues.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

I have told the story before but would like to share it again:

I was working under Ah Ba U Hla Myint when he was elected Fellow of the Royal College Edinburgh. When I went to congratulate Ah Ba, he said, “Saya Mohan is more senior to me as well as got MRCP before me. Let’s go and ask him whether we could help with nomination for him.”

I accompanied him to the Cardiac Ward. Saya Mohan was in his office. Ah Ba asked him whether he would like to be nominated. Saya Mohan’s answer “Ko Hla Myint, thank you kyundaw ya dar kyar be.” When Ah Ba asked why Saya Mohan had not changed the board with his name in front of his room, rubber stamp and on his letterhead, this time Saya Mohan replies, “It was too much of a bother to change them. I am working quite well just as I am”. Saya Gyi must be the only person among my teachers who would do that.

My admiration for him went up just by hearing his words.

Saya knew what he was and did not need more letters behind his name.

Dr. Thein Nyunt wrote :

Respect to Sayagyi Dr Mohan
For Aba and his successors : Profs U Mya Oo, UMMW, USN and me, we’ve to take it and put it as post nominal as Regional Adviser of RCP so that we can collaborate with RCP.
For myself, like Sayagyi UMO and Sayagyi UKM, I have to obtain FRCP from all (3) RCPs , not because I am too crazy for these , but to do business with all 3 RCPs for Total MRCP in Myanmar. It costs me a lot annually. My friends and students from USA suggested me to apply FACP many years back when I was HOD and Holders of 3 FRCP , but I didn’t do it because it will not do any good for our profession , just for me only.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

I wrote about Sayagyi U Mohan because of what he said to Ah Ba. I hope you will not think that I say anything derogatory of all my Sayas and you with triple fellowships. I wonder whether you ever saw my name plate at Marsay Clinic. In Burmese just my name and “khalay kyanmaryae sayawun”. No pronominal nor post nominals.

Dr. Thein Nyunt wrote :

Yes . Saya . I knew and always tell my students about your name plate at Marsay Clinic.

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