Dr. Htin Aung (GBNF) *

  • Principal of Rangoon College.
  • First native Rector of the University of Rangoon.
  • Per Dr. Yan Naing Lwin, Dr. Htin Aung accompanied Prime Minister U Nu to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1954.
  • After retirement, Dr. Htin Aung was appointed Ambassador to Ceylon.
    Per U Tin Htoon, Dr. Htin Aung greeted the RUBC team and also provided transportation to visit Kandy.
  • Per Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, his Ba Dwe was recalled back to Burma by the Foreign Office.
    One day, the then Number One asked Saya what he was doing in Burma and that he did not ask the Foreign Office to recall him.
    Saya went to UK to continue his research and writing.
  • Old alumni may have studied Saya’s books such as “Thirty Burmese Tales” and “Burmese Drama”.
  • Saya is a scholar, a prolific writer, a historian and a folklorist.
  • Saya’s siblings:
    ICS U Tin Tut,
    Dean of Law U Kyaw Myint,
    Chief Justice U Myint Thein,
    Kyauksar expert Daw Khin Mya Mu,
    Khit San poet Daw Khin Saw Mu,
    English lecturer Daw Tin Saw Mu

Feedback from Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

  • [Ba Dwe] Dr Htin Aung did not get an ambassador post.
    He was Called a Minister (current title is Minster Counselor) and the office in Ceylon was under the Embassy in New Dehli.
  • Sometime later, on one occasion, Ne Win said, “Where is Saya Htin Aung?”
    Thi Han immediately called Dr Htin Aung to come back.
  • Ba Dwe could not find out why. It took nearly six months to see Ne Win.
    On meeting Ne Win, Ne Win asked why he had come back.
    Ba Dwe explained about being called back and that he could not go back as another person had been sent.
    Ne Win told him he did not call back [from Ceylon]. He was thinking of his teacher and was just asking where was. Wasn’t it like Shwe Pyin Nyi Naung?
  • He asked Ba Dwe what he could do for him.
    Ba Dwe asked to leave Burma for Oxford.
    He left to be Fellow of St Anthony’s College.
  • The other dignitaries to be awarded honorary degrees were Prince Souphanouvong of Cambodia and Emperor Haile Salasie of Ethiopia together with my father in 1958.
  • I had a photo of my father receiving the honorary LLD which he never used from PM U Ba Swe.
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U Kyaw Myint

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