Weightlifting & Body Building *

Early Days

In the early Weightlifting competitions, there were three categories:

  • [Military] Press
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk

Later Competitions

In the later competitions, there are only two categories:

  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk.


  • There is a medal for
    each Catergory, and
    the best Total.


  • “Thiri Pyan Chi” U Zaw Weik competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a member of the British India team. After Burma’s Independence, he founded the Burma Olympic Club.
  • In the 1972 Munich Olympics, U Aung Gyi set an Olympic record in the Flyweight division.

Five Bala (Strength / Prowess)

  • “Kayabala” (Physical Prowess) is one of the five Bala (strength).
    It is complementary to
    “Nyanabala” (Mental),
    “Bawgabala” (Wealth),
    “Meiktabala” (Friendship), and
    “Carittabala” (Moral).
  • Kayabala U Shein was manager and mentor of U Zaw Weik. Kayabala
  • U Than Tun and others continued to help with weightlifters and body builders.
  • The early Maung Bama (Mr. Burma) include
    Bohmu Maung Maung,
    U Ba Kun and
    U Sein Maung.


  • Saya Dr. Kyaw Sein (M65) headed and managed the RIT Weightlifting and Body Building team. RIT won trophies in the Inter-Institute Tournament.
  • Ko Jimmy Kyin (T69), Ko Khin Win (EP69), Ko Than Htike (7x), Ko Thein Aung (Met72) … are some well-known Weightlifters and Body Builders.
  • Ko Thein Aung won “Set Hmu Maung” (Mr. RIT) in 1968.

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