Proj 2

Rangoon University *


  • Rangoon University was founded in 1920 with Rangoon College and Judson College as its constituent colleges.
  • RU celebrated
    Golden Jubilee in 1970,
    Diamond Jubilee in 1995, and
    in 2020


  • Engineering courses were first offered in 1924.
  • The first courses were for Civil Engineering.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering courses were offered in the 1940s.
  • Mining, Chemical, Textile, Metallurgy and Architecture courses were offered in the 1950s.

Intermediate Course and Colleges

  • Intermediate courses were initially offered in the Main Campus.
  • Later, Yankin College was opened for Science students.
  • Hteedan College was opened for Arts [and Social Science] students.
  • Colleges were opened in
    Moulmein (Mawlamyine),
    Bassein (Pathein),
  • In some years (probably due to the insurgency in some parts of Burma), students have to sit the “combined” Intermediate examination.
  • Otherwise, they have to sit for Inter (A) and Inter (B) exams separately.
  • Even then, there were two chances to pass the exam. The first exam was usually held in March. The second (aka supplementary) exam was usually held in June. The “compart” (compartmental) system requires a student to re-take only the subjects they have failed.
  • Stipends and awards (Gold and Silver medals, …) are eligible only for students who pass all subjects in the first exam.
  • Those who aspire to become engineers have to pass I.Sc. with 50+ marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • According to U Aw Taik Moh (C54) and Saya Dr. San Hla Aung (C58), they had to take a bike or walk to the Main Campus to attend Mathematics [and Geology] classes.
  • Saya U Ba Toke taught Mathematics to several engineering students (who later became sayas).
  • Grapevine says that the Second Year of Engineering (equivalent to 4th BE) and 2nd MBBS were the “filters” (or “stumbling blocks”) for engineering and medical students. Some decided to change their study to Pure Science or Arts.

Leik Khone

  • Leik Khone was attended by engineering students until the school relocated in 1961 to Gyogone as BIT (Burma Institute of Technology).
  • We were the last batch to attend Leik Khone as an I.Sc.(A) student.
  • My spouse attended Leik Khone for 1st MBBS (and more).

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