Daw Khin Myo Han (GBNF) *

  • She is the elder sister of
    Ma Betty (St. John’s Convent) and
    Dr. Khin Maung Zaw (Frank Gale, SPHS63).

Frank’s Letter

Frank sent his friends the sad news about his 96 year young mother and his 79 year young sister.

Dear Friends

My mother had a fall a few days ago but luckily no broken bones. However she is still in considerable pain and from being ambulant and able for a 96 year old she has been bed bound at home with a carer and closely attended day and night by my very close , knowledgeable and reliable friend Sayagyi Professor Dr. U Aung Myint.

Despite all this, my eldest sister, who was 79 found the situation too stressful and had a fatal massive heat attack this morning at around 6am GMT. Sayagyi U Aung Myint arrived for his regular day time visit and tried but to no avail.

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