Alumni : MIT

  • Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (Electrical Engineering, GBNF)
    Served as Director General of UBARI and Advisor at National Planning
    Moved to Australia
  • Dr. Ronald Findlay (Economics, GBNF)
    Retired as Dean, Columbia University
  • U Sein Hlaing (Electrical Engineering, GBNF)
    Retired as Professor and Head of RIT EE Department
  • Dr. Aung Gyi (Civil Engineering)
    Retired as Rector, RIT
    Moved to Canada
  • U Min Wun (Civil Engineering)
    Retired as Professor and Head of RIT Civil Engg Department
    Moved to USA
  • U Khin Aung Kyi (Chemical Engineering, GBNF)
    Retired as Rector, RIT
    Taught at Rengsit University in Bangkok
  • U Sein Hla
    Retired as Registrar, BIT
  • U Kyaw Min (Architecture, GBNF)
    Taught part-time; Private Practice
  • U Aw Taik Moh (Civil Engineering)
    City Planner
    Moved to USA
  • U Percy Lao (Civil Engineering)
    Taught part-time
    Moved to USA
  • Dr. San Hla Aung (Civil Engineering)
    Retired from Tulane University
U Sein Hlaing
Dr. Aung Gyi
U Min Wun
U Khin Aung Kyi

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