TOKM : Elderly Doctors

An Old post by Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

With medical graduates, support is given to all doctors 75 years and above, regardless of the person being a teacher or not.

  • The late Prof. Daw Myint Myint Khin founded the Support Group for Elderly Doctors (SGED).
  • The organisation provided more than health care.
  • A Day Care Centre was built so that elderly doctors can come by with not just colleagues of the same age but play board games, have meals etc.
  • Transport is also provided from their residences by volunteers.
  • It is very heartening that some of the volunteers themselves are over 80. They are our inspiration to emulate them.
  • SGED also makes home visit to elderly and unwell colleagues.
  • Financial support is now being given monthly now donated by a doctor/Entrepreneur.
  • Homage ceremony by the Women Section of the Myanmar Medical Association ceremony is held annually.
  • For those who cannot attend because of illness, or otherwise, homage is given at their residences.
  • There are also homage ceremonies by each batch of doctors at their Annual get-togethers.
  • The Class of 1993, University of Medicine 1 founded the “Institutes of Medicine Retired Teachers Fund IMRTF” providing financial assistance.

An Old Post by Dr. Nyunt Thein

  • Professor Daw Mya Kyi Than (90yr, 10m)
  • Professor U Tin Aung Swe (90yr, 2m)
  • Professor U Reggie Ba Pe (90yr, 2m)
  • Professor U Aung Than Ba Tu (89yr)
  • Professor Daw Hnin Yee (89yr)

အခုမှတ်တမ်းမှတ်ရာတွေအရ မိမိတို့ရဲ့ ဆေးပညာမိခင် ဖခင်တွေထဲကသက်ရှိထင်ရှားရှိနေကြသူတွေထဲမှာဆရာမကြီး ပါမောက္ခဒေါ်မြတ်ကြည် သန်းဟာ ( ၉၁) နှစ် ပြည့်ဖို့ (၂) လလိုအသက်အကြီးဆုံးပါ
ပြီးတော့ ဆရာကြီးပါမောက္ခဦးတင် အောင်ဆွေ ( ၉၀ နှစ် ၂လ)
ဆရာကြီးပါ မောက္ခဦးရယ်ဂျီဘဖေလည်း ( ၉၀ နှစ် (၂) လ၊
ပါမောက္ခဆရာကြီး ဦးအောင်သန်းဘတူက ဆရာမကြီးနဲ့ မွေးနေ့တရက်ထဲ မနေ့က (၈၉) ပြည့်
သူတို့ပြီးရင် မမဒေါ်နှင်းရီပါဘဲ ၊ အမျိုးသမီးတွေထဲမှာဒုတိယအကြီးဆုံးပေါ့

Daw Hnin Yee

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