Saya : U Ohn Maung (ChE68)

  • Matriculated from St. Paul’s High School in 1962.
  • Also known as Anthony Sein.
  • At SPHS, there was a class period when
    Catholic students had to study Catechism, and
    Non-Catholics had to study “Morals and Manners”.
  • Ko Anthony, Ko Myint Thein (B.Com, RUBC) and several others from their class would join us in the “Morals and Manners” class.
  • Upon graduation in 1968, he joined the Chemical Engineering Department at RIT.
  • After retirement, he moved to Singapore.
  • Attended SPZPs.
  • At one SPZP, we were sad to learn that he was having some medical problems and slight memory loss.
  • Kudos to Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF) for the support of sayas and sayamas for
    annual Medical Check up,
    frequent visits to the hospital and clinics, and
    for non-trivial health care (albeit on a case-by-case basis.
  • In addition to SDYF’s Garawa Money for Saya U Ohn Maung, several alumni donated for Saya’s medical expenses.
  • Daw Zin Wai Hlaing, saya’s spouse, acknowledged receipt of the Garawa money from SDYF.
  • SDYF donated K4 Lakhs to Saya U Ohn Maung (ChE68), who has a medical problem.
    The donations will be continued in future years.
  • U Khin Maung Htwe (ChE72) donated K20,000.
  • The donations were handed over to Saya U Sein Thaung.
    He will forward it to Saya U Ohn Maung.


  • His elder brother (a medical doctor) and younger sister (Dolly Sein, spouse of U Thein Swe, EP68) are both GBNF.
  • After visiting my web site, his nephew (elder brother’s son) regained contact with Saya U Ohn Maung.

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