Saya : Dr. Tin Aung

  • During our younger days, three sayas — Dr. Hla Shwe (Boon Chiong, First in Burma in 1953 from Yegyaw Methodist), Dr. Tin Maung and Dr. Tin Aung — came back after completing their doctorate in Physics from the USA.
    Dr. Hla Shwe and Dr. Tin Maung founnd their way back to the USA.
    Dr. Tin Aung stayed.
  • He served as Professor and Head of the Physics Department at RU.
  • During the 8-8-88 movement, Saya was in the USA as a member of the Education Delegation (with U Tun Aung Chein, Professor of History).
    Saya might not be aware that he was made a Patron (in absentia) by the “Boycott / Strike Committee” of Sayas and Sayamas of the various Universities and Institutions.
  • Upon his return, Saya attended the meeting of the Department Heads of RU.
    I was present at the meeting as a Proxy for my Head of Department.
  • Sometime later, we had the sad news.
    Saya was asked to resign effectively immediately.
  • Saya’s health was reasonably good except for his need of a Pace Maker.
    A couple of years back, he had to replace the Pace Maker.
    His former students worldwide donated for his medical expenses.
  • One photo is from the RU Centennial Facebook Group.
  • Two photos are from Sayama Daw Thida (who helped publish the RU Physics Centennial Book).
  • Shwe Than Thida wrote : Dear Saya U Hla Min,Thank you very much for your valuable compilations.

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