Myanmar 202x

* SR : World Record

The Peaceful Protests in February and March of 2021 are worthy of Entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, Encyclopedias and History Books.

Terrorists killed innocent citizens in all the States and Divisions of Myanmar using Lethal Weapons in broad daylight.

Ignoring Geneva Convention, the ruthless so-called Security Forces (Thugs, Kidnappers, Robbers, Thieves, Liars) created Insecurity day and night with Crimes Against Humanity.

Snipers shot at Heads (following a Yadaya of a notorious Dhammantaye).

They declared Curfew to carry out Heinous Acts at night — plundering homes, institutions and places of worship (notably Shwe Dagon) and graves.

They arrested healthy people in the evening, tortured them to death and selectively returned the mutilated bodies the following morning. In some cases, many were “cremated” with the pretext of COVID-19.

Defying their handcrafted Constitution, they detained Democratically Elected Representatives, and innocent people from all walks of life (with the help of GEN L, Toadies, Two Veto Powers).

They charged most of them with Fabricated Charges in Kangaroo Courts, and denied representation by the courageous lawyers.

They committed High Treason, but shamelessly charged the Noble people with “Treason”.

The Rice Bowl of Asia was forced into LDC by Greedy Animals — Dictators, Family members, Toadies and Cronies (who amassed astronomical illegal wealth by abusing the resources of Myanmar).

They set fire to houses, factories and compounds and shamelessly cover up with Exponential Lies by the Rambling Idiot named Mei Lone.

Several countries (e.g. Japan, Vietnam) helped stuff the coffers of the Terrorists by funding and/or paying (lease, rent, license) the projects and companies.

The Dark Moments have produced tons of Albums, Videos and Reports.

Sadly, the World is Still Watching.

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