* SR : Voices from Myanmar

Effective Tool

CDM is the primary and effective tool for restoring Dhamma

CDM ဆိုတာ

1. အလုပ်မသွား
2. ထွက်စာမတင်
3. စာရင်းမပေး
4. Ph မကိုင်
5. အိမ်လာခေါ်ရင် အနံ့ပျောက်နေတာလို့ ပြောတဲ့
Movement ပါ ။

မြန်မာလို သေချာရှင်းအောင် ရေးပြလိုက်ပါတယ်။

Power Mongers

  • The power mongers are not blind and deaf.
  • They are heartless practitioners of Adhamma.
  • They “borrow” the Pagoda Trust Funds.
  • They nurture stooges, hit men and “multiple dressed” instigators.
  • They defied their “hand crafted” constitution, ransacked the country and offered to “sell” it to those willing to “cover up” their atrocities.
  • They disregarded the voices of the voters and even bragged that they have 40 million supporters.
  • They promoted big time losers and fabricators of fake news and articles.

Do not lose Focus

  • The brutality is growing exponentially.
  • It takes a long time for world leaders to issue statements (not even condemnation).
  • Focus on CDM.
  • Record and report the heinous crimes of the Pretenders.

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