* SR : Then and Now

Bogyoke (Then)

  • Architect of Burma’s Independence
  • Promised to return to Civilian Life after Independence

Bogyoke (Now)

  • Low ranking officer in the Top Heavy army
  • “Yes Man” of his bosses
  • No conscience to plunder houses, associations and places of worship
  • All “Atta Hita” and No “Parahita”
  • Void of Metta, Karuna and Mudita

Aba (Then)

  • Elder worthy of respect
  • “Aba” Dr. Hla Myint (Pioneer in Medicine)
  • “Aba” U Than Myint (BBS, Music Expert)

Aba (Now)

  • Egomaniac
  • One who forces Elders to sit on the ground
  • God Father of the Toadies

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