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Kabar Ma Kye (National Anthem)

Ko Than Hlaing wrote articles about National Anthems.

“Kabar Ma Kye” was composed by YMB based on the work by Thakin Ba Thaung.

The song blends the Burmese and Western styles.

The Chorus is usually played at public events.

The Prelude describes the Founding Principles (e.g Justice, Peace, Equality).

“Our Heritage
So, let’s defend
This Golden Land
Till the End of the Time / World”

Kabar Ma Kye Bu

The literal meaning is “We will not forgive and forget till the end of time”

The song was composed by Naing Myanmar.

The tune is based on “Dust in the wind”.

The song became a hit with the Pro-Democracy Movement in 1988.

The song is played frequently in the Nway Oo Taw Hlan Yay of 2021.

Students of YUFL have translated into English and Chinese.



  • “Ah Yay Kyee Byi … “ by Htoo Ein Thin
  • “Nway Oo Taw Hlan Yay” by Soung Oo Hlaing

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