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* SR : Elections

1960 Election

  • In 1960 the Pyidaungsu Party won.
    U Nu became Prime Minister of the Union of Burma for the Third and Last time.
  • Several military officers who used power to support the Losing Party were purged.
  • The 17 man Revolutionary Council staged a Coup d’etat on March 2, 1962.
    According to Kyemon U Thaung, six of them did not have access to high level information / decision.
  • Burma lost its hard fought Independence.

Sham Elections

  • During the Ma Sa La era, there were Sham Elections.
    Mostly single candidate nominated by Ma Sa La.
    Voters can choose White (Yes) or Black (No).
  • During one Ma Sa La Convention, the then Number One did not get the Top Vote.
    A purge followed.
    Those suspected of “Election Fraud” were criminalized with ludicrous charges.
    The MI Chief and his followers became extremely powerful.
    Eventually they were detained or dismissed (with Farewell Gifts).
  • The Jump Promotions and/or Purges led to many Toadies.
    e.g one Commander who baby sit the grand children of his Boss.

Past Elections

  • In September 1988 General Saw Maung took over.
    He promised to hold free and fair elections and that they will return to the Barracks.
    Citing medical reasons, he was later replaced by a Ruthless Dictator.
  • The National League for Democracy won the 1990 Elections.
    The results were nullified.
    The majority of elected representatives were detained.
  • The military rule — accompanied by Nepotism, Cronyism and Terrorism — continued and established a hand crafted Constitution in 2008 to ensure impunity for their Crimes and unfair advantage to the past, present and future Thugs.
  • 2010 Election was virtually uncontested.
    Some Toadies helped the military by posing as Opposition.
  • 2015 and 2020 Elections were won convincingly by NLD (National League for Democracy).
  • Terrorists
    kidnapped Myanmar (once again claiming “Election Fraud”),
    destroyed homes and factories,
    detained Democratically Elected Representatives,
    stole assets (including money and gold from pagodas),
    criminalized professionals (targeting Health Care and Service Providers),
    killed hundreds of innocent citizens (notably an Infant)
    and threatened World Leaders that “They do not care a Damn about Statements and Sanctions”.
  • Who in the Right Mind will believe the Habitual Liars?
  • ASEAN (and others) :
    “We do not need new Elections.
    Please do not aid and abet the Terrorists.
    Please recognize and help CRPH.
    Myanmar has become Killing Fields.”

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