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* SR : Destroying the Golden Land

Hazel Kyaw Zaw translated the Burmese version of “ကောင်းလွန်းလို့ပြန်ရှယ်လိုက်ပါတယ်”per request of some of my friends. Credit to the original writer.

It’s so special I have to share it

Burmese people should know about these historical truths.

Before 1962

Before the military coup d’etat, in 1962, the then state of Burma, had no debt and no natural resources had been sold abroad.


The surplus in fiscal funds, after spending, was US $228 millions.

Burma was the richest country in Asia.

Japan was gasping from its war debts.

Burma had to donate rice to Japan.

China at that time had its people drinking rice soup.

Chinese flooded into Burma.


In Education, too, Burma was at its peak with its education system.

Rangoon University was the biggest, the grandest and the most successful university of Asia.

Chinese, Malays, Thais from each Asian countries had to come and study in Burma

With a degree from Rangoon University, one can get a good salary in any country.

A doctor graduated from Burma could practise any where in the world


In sports, too, its best in Asia.

Could compete with European teams.

At that time, the best stadium of Asia was Aung San stadium.

Asian Tiger / Rice Bowl of Asia

In 1960, before the military coup d’etat, Burma is Number One in Asia.

A “tiger” of Asia.

After the Coup d’etat by the Revolutionary Council

General Ne Win staged a coup in 1962.

After that the country sank to the status of a “prostitute”.

Decline of Economy

In 1964, two years after the coup, all businesses were nationalised and all lives were destroyed.

In 1964, 1985 and 1987 Myanmar bank notes issued by the Central Bank were demonetised and the economy slumped.

The country was officially announced as one of the world’s poorest country (LDC -lowest developed country.

Loss of Liberty and Human Rights

Chaos ran wild in the country.

Twenty six years after the military coup of 1962, a popular uprising occurred and three governments changed hands within a month.

General Saw Maung staged another coup on 18 September 1988.

Myanmar, a “tiger” before the coup turned “iguana” ဖွတ်ကျား (useless) after the coup.

Asia’s richest country, before the coup became the poorest country in the world.

Brain Drain forced by Corrupt Generals

Although the country became the poorest, the generals became loaded with gold, diamonds and dollars.

The most successful education system in Asia before the coup, have no status among nations, after the coup and no degree from Myanmar is highly regarded anymore.

Higher education degree holders have to work as domestic servants abroad working like slaves in jobs no one wants to do.

The Real Culprit who destroyed Burma

The army is the real culprit who destroy the country’s education system.

Those top echelon guys who destroyed the country’s education system send their children to study abroad.

The country which gained the world’s respect in health care has gone down to relying on the medicines provided by WHO for medical care inside the country after the coup

The people are losing their lives for want of cash for treatments but the top ranking army generals go abroad for medical check-ups

The country that bred the best sportsmen have no calibre to compete with regional countries after the coup

The Dictator must fall

I’m answering your query

“If the army did not get involved in politics,

Our country would be on the par with the world’s top countries like China, Japan, US or Russia

If your “Tatmadaw”

Has genuine “cetana” (volition) Towards the country

Has not acted wickedly Towards the country

Has not being selfish

Has not usurped or stolen the country’s natural resources

Our country, Myanmar, Would have had no reason to become so Downtrodden

and poor Past history is something that cannot lie.

May the dictatorship fall at last!”

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