Myanmar 202x

* SR : CDM

CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) is the primary effective tool against the faceless Power Mongers who have

  • defied their handcrafted constitution committed treason and heinous crimes
  • categorically refused to acknowledge the integrity of the millions of voters in a fair election, and claimed on their propaganda machines (TV, newspapers and double talk spoke persons) that they had 40 million supporters
  • arrested elected officials, professionals (doctors, lawyers, …), law abiding citizens
  • pointed guns at journalists covering the peaceful protests worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records
  • shot and kill innocent young people
  • plundered houses, foundations and Pagoda Trust Funds
  • ransomed people, cars and bikes
  • used dirty tricks from their playbook (notably freeing murderers and thugs)
  • shown “Do not care” against sanctions
  • no regard for “Law and Order” and yet issued zillions of senseless Rules
  • once claimed “We only need land. We do not need people.”

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